It’s a short introduction in case you didn’t read the story about Gully…

Me and my brother are Born in a lovely harbour city called Rotterdam. Back in the days, one of the biggest harbours in the world. My father is a sailor and my mother a tailor.

I don’t know exactly why I always think this sounds a bit weird, but maybe because of the rhyme, or the fact that with one different letter you can have a completely different job!

My dad once said our country is so flat, the ships need to bring enough containers, so we can build our own colourful mountains.

As we basically always play around the rough docks, our mother always makes and repairs our clothes. 

Best friend of the family, is a seagull named Gully. He loves to play with us..but even more he loves to eat fish and chips: his favourite dish! I can imagine why! 

In January 2016, Gully was already gone for one month. He was always busy, trying to explore other places. I started to miss him and looked over every fence and on every bridge. Unfortunately, Gully was nowhere to be found. 

My mother noticed I was feeling very sad. She sewed a little seagull badge on a crewneck sweater. I was so surprised! It looked so cool! ‘He will always be nearby’ she said. All the harbour kids asked me if they could also have one.

Eventually, Gully came back. He was so happy to see the little badge. He flapped with his wings and banged his beak! He had many stories, about his adventures and the harbour kids listened attentively. 

All his stories give me plenty of ideas to expand our brand. Let’s see which harbour kids want to join our journey!